Monday, January 2, 2012

Tools that Don;t Cost Anything But Will Pay You a Lot

                                                          Shop Stats In Review

Over the last few months  you’ve probably noticed a new feature called, “Shop Stats”.   If you haven’t seen them you will find this new feature by clicking on YOUR PAGE, then on the drop down Menu  clicck on soources for yuou to choose from.
When there you will see a lot of data.  You can choose to see data for the day, for yesterday , for the last 7 days or for the last 30 days.    You can also see last month, the last year, and more.

Direct traffic is when someone types your shop name into their browser to access your shop, via a bookmark or click through. is traffic that has come from the site,  this includes treasuries, search, teams, etc.. On the shop stat page they  are broken down individually on the right hand side of the report.

There is what is referred to as the Dashboard.  It includes data and graphs for views, favorites, and revenue.  Here, there are listing views and shop views.  Listing views are when people view your listings pages.

Shop views  are when people view any of your shop pages, they view your shop page and then go to other shop pages  of yours.  It could  include  sections,such as  sold items and policies.

                                                      HOW DO PEOPLE FIND YOUR SHOP

There are a total of three reports ,  that send people to your shop.

·         Top Traffic Sources:  these are sites that sent people to your shop

·         Top Traffic Sources on Etsy:  Etsy  features and pages that sent people to your shop

·         Top Keywords: Keywords used to find your shop in search engines,  including Etsy search

Each of the reports lists up to 12 traffic sources.  You can use these reports to dig into where  your traffic  comes from.  You can track your marketing efforts and look for opportunities to increase traffic. .  The Top Keywords report provides a window into how people search  for your items on Etsy, google, and other search engines.  You can use the report to get ideas for how to tag your items and where to focus efforts to increase search engine traffic.

The Top Traffic Sources on Etsy report Etsy  lists features and pages on Etsy that sent traffic to your shop. For example, if you see a Favorites listed as a traffic source, it includes all traffic for favorites pages. It might mean someone viewing their own favorites or someone elses favorites and then clicking through to your listing or shop.  

                                                            Shop Stats in Real Life

Shop stats  track the referring page for each view in your shop. If you see “Your Shop” as a traffic source. It means someone was exploring your shop  and went from one shop page to another.  This of course what you want to happen. Let’s look at some examples and see what’s going on in their shop. I’m going to use my own stats because I have access to all the data I need. These first stats are from several weeks ago around the time people were getting started with their holiday shopping.

v  StumbleUpon   649                                 Your Listing     46

v  Direct Traffic     579                                 Your Shop       46

v            200                                 Your Profile     30

Let me first explain a little about how I do my promoting.  I start with twitter,  I then copy the ad I just wrote for Twitter and then I go to Facebook and paste it there.  After Facebook I go to Stylepage, again I paste my ad there, then I’m off to Pinterest  where I again paste my ad. After I do Pinterest I go to StumbleUpon, and then I finish up with Flickr.  I am also on tumblr although I don’t have to do it myself, StumbleUpon takes care of that for me.  That is a lot of free exposure. You can see from my numbers that it paid off for me. StumbleUpon also posts to several other  social networks.  So with 649 from the last 7 days I would have to say that work was very beneficial.
The next listing is DirectTraffic, remember that direct traffic is when someone actually puts your name into their browser , to access your shop, is 579. I really like this listing, it means people are aware of me and they think enough of my work to check in and see what’s new.
The third listing on the left is, keep in mind that this number is an accumulation of the 12 items on the right side.   In this case they are self explanatory. I got views from  my listings, my shop, and my profile, as well as a few others that brought the total to 200.
These figures tell me that my profile is interesting and it pulls in some customers.  “Your Shop” tells me that people stick around look at more than just the first page they look through the whole shop or at least more pages than just the front page.
Your listings views are when  people stick around and view your listings pages.  If you continue  to look through these listings you will see numbers on most of the 12 items. This is showing that you are doing a little bit of advertising in various, probably most or all areas.

If your numbers don’t look good, what can you do about it?  Having this tool  to help us we can pinpoint  our areas that we need to work on.   You can hone in on what to do.   You may want to work on speading the numbers around.  Getting the most bang for your buck.  Depending  on your what your product is will probably be the deciding factor about where you will want to advertise. Some of the social networks are more for fashion designs and then some are more inclined toward s  housewares, and homedecor.  You  may want to check into the social networks themselves, there are so many more then what I have mentioned so far. So do some research you may find places that are better suited for your product.  Kaboodle for instance is all about fashion, from clothing to shoes and jewelry, but home decor is irrelevant .  

My own feelings on the matter are this;  StumbleUpon  reaches a wide and diverse audience so I want to keep up my numbers  there,  all the ads that go on StumbleUpon  go out to other social networks ,  so that is a lot of bang for my buck.

Direct Traffic is great because those people have heard about you some how some way and are interested enough to type your shop name into their browser and look up your shop.   You want this number to grow.  That means your brand is becoming known.  Do what you can to make this number grow.  is important, views in this area come from people seeing  your items in treasuries  or coming across them  in a search. So let’s keep making those treasuries and viewing  them, and at least  clicking through on one item of each treasury if not more.

Let’s look at another example.

   v    316                                                   Search       67

v  Direct Traffic  58                                                Your Shop  62

v    12                                                Your Profile  40

Without giving too much attention to it, we will remember  is the traffic that has come form the site or team itself. My guess would be is that this person is very active in creating treasuries and being reciprocated by being used in others treasuries.  While treasuries are excellent sources for exposure or advertisement they do tend to keep the information within the confines of the Etsy site.But many sales are generated just this way,  so it’s nothing to be ignored.

The direct traffic is 58, that indicates that this shop owner has built up a following of around 60 people.   I would bet that this person does not use Twitter, Facebook or any of the other social networks.So I Would have to recommend just that, get out there and post to the teams and also post to Twitter Facebook, etc.

Here is another good example .

  v  Direct Traffic                         485                               Your Shop          42

v  Stumble Upon                      305                                Your Listings     35

v                                176                      Your Profile               2

This person has built up a great following, 485 people typed this shop name  and purposely chose this shop to visit.  They also did their ground work by promoting to the right social networks, with 305 on StumbleUpon.   This shop owner is well rounded in her promotion,  with 176 coming from the site, which would be the treasuries, searches,  and teams.  The 176 for etsy .com is an accumulation of all the numbers from YOUR SHOP, YOUR LISTINGS, YOUR PROFILE, ETC.,.  She is doing well with her promotions , but could probably do more of the same..
Here is one more example,  give a try yourself reading what it means  and what needs to be donel

v                          29                                              Your shop                              12

v  Direct Traffic                    3                                                teams                                     9

v                     1                                                Treasury                                 4

Remember is traffic that has come from the site, it includes treasuries,  searches , teams, etc. Direct traffic comes from people typing your shop number into the address line and intentionally going to your shop.  In this case was used with very meager results.  All the other numbers are shown are added together and total the number of
I hope now that you’ve read this information you will use it to analyze what is going on in your shop.  If you learn the meanings of the terms you will be able to pinpoint your weak points and you’ll be able pinpoint trouble spots.
by Marilyn Rush