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May Theme Treasury

'Tip Toe Through The Tulips' by PinkCupcakeJC

A Golden Rose Crafters Team theme treasury. Check us out here:

Beach Wedding Barefoot Sanda...

White Tulip Three Petal Flow...

Bookmark - White Tulip - Sil...

White Barefoot Sandals, Whi...

SALE White Pearls and Tulips...

Paper Flowers- White on Whit...

White Tulips in the Wind - C...

Frosted White Flower Earring...

T15 Organic Tulip Ring

CUSTOM ORDER for jordi

White Tulip Photo Black and ...

White Tulip Stud Earrings

White Lady Wedding, Barefoot...

Shop Of The Month Critique - Purple Cow Art

This month we'll be looking at Angela Adkins Purple Cow Art Shop. Angela offers a very unique item. She makes ornaments and plaques, that are cut from wood. She uses techniques such as, painting with acrylics, and woodburning. Being an animal lover herself her choice of subjects are dogs, and reptiles. She also has a line of Zodiac paintings. 

Angela will take orders for custom work, such as doing a painting or woodburning of your pet. What a wonderful way to memorialize your pet.  She will do an ornament with a birth announcement engraved with the woodburning pen, on the back of the ornament as well. Such a unique gift for new parents or grandparents.

I looked over Angela's shop concentrating first on her shop announcement.  The shop announcement is very good as it is and doesn't need any improvement. Since Etsy gives us more space to use here, I like to use all they give us, she could use the space to do more advertising. If there are any specials or shop sales, this is a great place to advertise them. If you add something new to your line, make a big announcement and generate some excitement for it here in this space. For instance..

Let's say Angela decides to do a larger plaque she has not done thus far. Perhaps the subject matter is different, let's say it is a landscape,  fir trees in the background with a picnic table in the foreground. She is going to want to draw attention to her new item. This announcement area is the perfect place for an announcement. Because this line is new she might be running a special on it,  10% off on all new items.Her ad might say:

INTRODUCING NEW  11" x 14" Wood Plagues, Landscaping Designs.
Introduction Price : 10% Off Marked Price.

This is merely a suggestion, you can use your announcement for whatever you would like to draw attention to.

Angela has written very good policies. They are clear and precise, she should never have a dispute with a customer. She seems to have covered all her bases.

The profile is also very good, it gives a little glance into the private life of Angela, and why and how she started creating her craft. It explains to us also that before opening her shop her ornaments and plaques were already a hit among her friends and so she decided to share them with us.

Angela hasn't had time to do her "Etsy About Page" she is too busy taking custom orders and filling them. She's only had her shop opened since April 23, 2012. Having sales this early in her Etsy career bodes well for her, she is bound for success.

To start with let's look at a few pictures and we will discuss them, and what can be done to improve them.
This is a good picture but what can we do to improve it?  The black poodle looks nice with the light background but a white background would make the picture POP. Angela has acquired a light box and that is what is needed here. The poodle needs more light on it. A light box with a lamp shining on this will brighten the subject, (the poodle) and using a macro setting on the camera will allow her to zoom in without losing focus. That will brighten the poodle and bring out the details.

This german shepherd desperately needs to be shot in a light box.
The glare is ruining the picture. In a light box with a light from the top 
and maybe one from the front that should flood the box with enough
light that there won't even be a shadow let alone a glare. My favorite dog is the shepherd, my 16 year old baby, is part shepherd part chow, I rescued him when he was still a pup. So I have a special place in my heart for this picture. 

Etsy gives us five spaces for photos. That's five pictures that we get to publish of our product for 20 cents.
That's a bargain. They give them to us, so be sure to use all the photo spaces. Here are some suggestions about how you can fill the spaces.

For Angela's pictures I suggest first of all, that the main picture encompass the entire item in the picture or at least a good portion of it. I say this with regards to all photos, use your macro setting and pull in as close as you can get. You want your item to fill the entire space. It isn't important to show the ribbon, people know what ribbons look like, so in the description just mention it is hung from a ribbon and mention the color.
Below are five suggestions for a better picture array.
     !.  Full picture, white background, perfect focus, maybe one item added for decoration i.e. with your         
         Christmas ornaments rather than show them hanging on a tree, prop them up against a little easel and        
         then use a pretty glass tree ornament just laying in front of it. That is enough to say xmas and you can
         dangle the ribbon over the top of the ornament and on the table top. The colorful glass ornament adds
         interest and color.
     2. 2nd picture your measurement, use only one picture for this, get two rulers and show both directions at 
         the same time.
     3. Turn the ornament over and show the back side, always explain how you finish the back.
     4. If there is another way the ornament could be used, such as hanging it in the window use this space to 
         show that. Take a picture of it hanging in a window.
     5. Could it decorate another area of the home? What about the guest bathroom mirror. Could you hang it 
         there? Do so and take a picture. You are trying to give your customers ideas of where else they could 
         use your ornament
So that makes up your five pictures. Always do use them all. that's 5 chances to sell your item to someone.


Customized Baby Ornament

No two alike, babies birth date burned
on the back



I chose this item to use as an example for a couple of points that I want to make. This is a great product, it would be such a nice gift.  And it's one of a kind.

Tags are a bit of a mystery to me. Etsy says we can have   13. However you used 15 and got away with it. On my entries I try to use 18 the number we are allowed on Treasuries. I always get away with more than 13 I keep adding until the computer doesn't let me add any more.

However in your tags you used Baby twice. So with that space you could have put It's a girl, to go with your it's a boy. 
You might try:  Baby Shower Gift,  Unique Newborn Announcement, New Grandparent Gift, It's a boy Ornament, It;s a Girl Ornament, New Mom Gift,

You can use phrases just as well as single words and get more word and meaning into them. 


Pets Welcome - Children Must Be Leashed  $8


This picture is adorable. The sentiment is just precious. And it is worth far more than $8. Don't devalue your art by charging prices that are too low. You are a talented artist. And all of your ornament and plaques are works of art. YOU ARE AN ARTIST. There are not many people that can do what you do. My dear, they must pay you what you are worh, If you don't charge enough people will think what you have is junk and it is NOT. It is hand painted art. You need to value yourself and your work .
I also want to discuss your tags on this puppy. You are 
only using 8. You already know I'm going to say use 
them all. You could use Cute Welcome Sign, Funny 
Sign, Cute Dog Sign, One Of A Kind, Signed by Artist,
and so on.

One more thing I want to mention is to always check your spelling and grammar. Nothing will make you look more amateur faster then doing these two things wrong. So just proof read before you publish.

Angelas' views are quite low. But on the other hand her shop has not been open very long. Another thing is that she has a full time job and promotion is very time consuming. But...when there is time, here are some ideas.

1, When you list a new item, if you start with Golden Rose Crafters, then when you have your listing your new item,  then copy your listing. Then take that copy of your listing and go to each one of the other teams that you are on and post it on their thread for new listings.
2. When you renew an item that has expired you will also want to do the same thing, only post it on threads for renewals or relistings. You might want to put it on sale for a few days so you can say that and if you do then you can post it on threads for Promotions, Sales, Etc. 
3. Twitter, copy your listing and go to twitter with it. You have 140 characters you can use there. Choose your tags wisely. Paste your listing. When you have tweeted your ad what I like to do is Copy it, and then I go to Facebook with that Twitter ad and I post it on Facebook. I then head off to Stumble Upon and once again I paste that same Twitter ad on my Stumble Upon account. You can also post it to Pinterest.. If you need help with this please contact me.

The one last thing I want to talk about is favoriting and Circles. These are some of the best things that etsy has done for us. I think we all understand how it works, if not consult some of the conversation explanations that I have put on our threads at GRC. This is the easiest way for you to get the views you need. Favorite as many items of others that you can, favorite their shops and put their shops in your circle. Get your circles up to the limit of what Etsy allows which is somewhere around 1000, it will take you awhile to get there. But that will get thousands of people looking at your product and going to your shop. It will only be a short time and those sales will come pouring in.

Treasuries are another way to promote your shop as well as promote good will among other Etsians. Many of our buyers are Etsy people so you want to get to know people and have them know you.

Written by: Marilyn Rush (Captain of Golden Rose Crafters)

Reg. $20 Sale $10
Reg. $20 Sale $10
 50% OFF on All Gun Metal Jewelry

Reg. $20 Sale $10

Reg. $25 Sale $12


Winner of May Theme Treasury Competition

Stef of Pink Cupcakejc Jewelry Shop was the May winner, of the Theme Treasury Competition with her “Tip Toe through the Tulips” Treasury done all in White.  Although it was done for the Golden Rose Crafters Theme Treasury Competition, with over 560 views clearly the Etsy Community loved it as well.  And her picks were also a hit drawing 110 clicks and 43 admirers.  You might think it was a shoe-in to win, but it had pretty steep competition.

She claims she started her treasury creating career the first week of opening her shop.  She got the bug and says that it became addictive and she hasn’t stopped yet.  Sharing what she said to me about making treasuries Stef had to say ”…It’s like painting with other peoples beautiful items/pictures.”

She has created roughly 147 treasuries in her short life here at Etsy, that’s a lot my friends.  I’m listing just a few below that I really liked, check them out yourself, and the multitude of others.

You can check out her winning Theme Treasury on it's own blog title May Theme Treasury.

Jewelry Shop

Stef is almost an overnight sensation here at Etsy. Her sales are sailing and she just started up in January of this year. What is your secret? Congrats again Stef.  Her shop is full of beautiful hand created unique jewelry. I really enjoyed how She had her shop laid out, all her blues on one page, pinks on one page, and so on. The shop is very organized for quick shopping at very competitive prices.   
Cobalt Blue ChainMaille Necklace
If you read Stefs’ Profile you will learn that she has always been a creative, artistic person.  In college she took every art class available.  She paints both with oil and acrylics.  She learned many crafts, knitting lace from her grandmother being one of them.  But she says she always comes back to beads, and gems and jewelry findings, one of her strongest loves.
You can find more than lovely jewelry at Pink CupcakJC, if you’re in the market for wine glass charms, then look no further; Stef has them in her shop. She also has key chains and stitch markers, and says of her craft she makes just about anything that can be made with pretty beads, charms and gemstones.

Glass  Bead Stitch Markers

If you read further on Stefs’ Profile you will find that she is involved in charities.  She has the enviable position at home of not needing her Etsy earnings for household  commitments, so she is able to use those funds for helping others. 

Of the teams Stef is a member of  Creative Hands For Healing Hearts Team  is one of them.  "This team is dedicated to finding and supporting any and all charity events important to Etsians". I didn’t make that up that’s the charter.  Stef believes that whatever talents we have that they are gifts given us from God, so we should use them to help others. She has an excellent way of looking at life and this writer completely agrees.

When asked if she works outside the home Stef answered she does a lot of charity work. She doesn’t work at a paying job anymore but when she did she was a bill collector. We all thank you for retiring Stef.

Team Work

Daisy Cut Out Earrings

As to whether she’d recommend the Golden Rose Crafters Team to anyone else, she exclaimed, “For Sure!  I would tell them how sweet and helpful everyone is. I love how laid back it is as well.” She also says “Treat others how you want to be treated…..Join teams, make friends, make treasuries!” Stef, maybe that should be our new team motto.

Peacock Pendant Necklace
One last thought from Stef, “Never think your stuff isn’t as good as someone else’s, don’t compare what you make with what others make to begin with. It will only drive you crazy! You are fabulous at what you do, so don’t get discouraged!”  That sounds like pretty sound advice to me. In getting to know Stef from writing this article I have developed a deep respect and admiration for her and I thoroughly enjoyed giving her this commendation. 

A few more of the great things you can find at Pink CupcakeJC;

Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Glass Flower Pendant

Purple Agate Pendant

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meredith's Welcome Wagon

Two New Members

We have two new members who joined our ever-expanding team this month. Angela from PurpleCowArt lives in York, PA with her significant other and an assortment of pets

Although Angela is still employed in the science industry, she makes the time for her crafting creating treasures that others will enjoy that are so special at gift-giving time! Welcome to the team.Angela. 

So glad you've joined us!!

Our other new member is Jeanne from TheSandlapperShop. Jeanne lives in Lexington, SC and named her shop from the fact that South Carolinians are often referred to as sandlappers

Jeanne has a wide variety of interests that include genealogy, travel, and staying active in several quilting and gardening groups

Her shop features many items that were made by her grandmother and great-grandmother giving her vintage items a personal connection

Jeanne has activated her "About Page" where you can read more of her story. So glad to have you with us, Jeanne!

And here's a little from Meredith's PatchworkCrafters Shop.