Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Patty's Picks

New Listing

I know absolutely nothing about art.  I don’t know if an item is in the right proportion to another, if the lighting is correct or any of those other artsy rules.  I just know what appeals to me and this painting speaks to me.

The coloring is beautiful.  Did you notice the cloud is the shape of a heart?

This is such a sweet painting. 

Renewal Listing

This spectacular necklace is from Marilyn1545.    I love the way Marilyn displayed this necklace on the sheet music.   This is truly a beautiful necklace.


Patty's Twisted Sticks

And here is a sampling of what you can find in Patty's shop.

Quilted Throw Pillow
Quilted Wall Hanging

Hand Knit Cotton Scarf

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