Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Winner of May Theme Treasury Competition

Stef of Pink Cupcakejc Jewelry Shop was the May winner, of the Theme Treasury Competition with her “Tip Toe through the Tulips” Treasury done all in White.  Although it was done for the Golden Rose Crafters Theme Treasury Competition, with over 560 views clearly the Etsy Community loved it as well.  And her picks were also a hit drawing 110 clicks and 43 admirers.  You might think it was a shoe-in to win, but it had pretty steep competition.

She claims she started her treasury creating career the first week of opening her shop.  She got the bug and says that it became addictive and she hasn’t stopped yet.  Sharing what she said to me about making treasuries Stef had to say ”…It’s like painting with other peoples beautiful items/pictures.”

She has created roughly 147 treasuries in her short life here at Etsy, that’s a lot my friends.  I’m listing just a few below that I really liked, check them out yourself, and the multitude of others.

You can check out her winning Theme Treasury on it's own blog title May Theme Treasury.

Jewelry Shop

Stef is almost an overnight sensation here at Etsy. Her sales are sailing and she just started up in January of this year. What is your secret? Congrats again Stef.  Her shop is full of beautiful hand created unique jewelry. I really enjoyed how She had her shop laid out, all her blues on one page, pinks on one page, and so on. The shop is very organized for quick shopping at very competitive prices.   
Cobalt Blue ChainMaille Necklace
If you read Stefs’ Profile you will learn that she has always been a creative, artistic person.  In college she took every art class available.  She paints both with oil and acrylics.  She learned many crafts, knitting lace from her grandmother being one of them.  But she says she always comes back to beads, and gems and jewelry findings, one of her strongest loves.
You can find more than lovely jewelry at Pink CupcakJC, if you’re in the market for wine glass charms, then look no further; Stef has them in her shop. She also has key chains and stitch markers, and says of her craft she makes just about anything that can be made with pretty beads, charms and gemstones.

Glass  Bead Stitch Markers

If you read further on Stefs’ Profile you will find that she is involved in charities.  She has the enviable position at home of not needing her Etsy earnings for household  commitments, so she is able to use those funds for helping others. 

Of the teams Stef is a member of  Creative Hands For Healing Hearts Team  is one of them.  "This team is dedicated to finding and supporting any and all charity events important to Etsians". I didn’t make that up that’s the charter.  Stef believes that whatever talents we have that they are gifts given us from God, so we should use them to help others. She has an excellent way of looking at life and this writer completely agrees.

When asked if she works outside the home Stef answered she does a lot of charity work. She doesn’t work at a paying job anymore but when she did she was a bill collector. We all thank you for retiring Stef.

Team Work

Daisy Cut Out Earrings

As to whether she’d recommend the Golden Rose Crafters Team to anyone else, she exclaimed, “For Sure!  I would tell them how sweet and helpful everyone is. I love how laid back it is as well.” She also says “Treat others how you want to be treated…..Join teams, make friends, make treasuries!” Stef, maybe that should be our new team motto.

Peacock Pendant Necklace
One last thought from Stef, “Never think your stuff isn’t as good as someone else’s, don’t compare what you make with what others make to begin with. It will only drive you crazy! You are fabulous at what you do, so don’t get discouraged!”  That sounds like pretty sound advice to me. In getting to know Stef from writing this article I have developed a deep respect and admiration for her and I thoroughly enjoyed giving her this commendation. 

A few more of the great things you can find at Pink CupcakeJC;

Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Glass Flower Pendant

Purple Agate Pendant

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  1. You have such a great shop, Stef! Beautiful items with such nice variety!!