Monday, December 12, 2011

                                                           Copy and Pasting
1.        Move your cursor to the item you want to copy.   If it is a word, or a sentence or entire document, the cursor needs to be place in the top left corner or side of the first items that is being  copied.
2.       Hold down the LEFT CLICK at this point the first word and everything else should start to light up, on my computer it is blue, yours could be different. This is called high lighting or selecting. You need to select everything that you intent to copy. When you have everything selected (or lit up) then make a left click, that locks the SELECT in place.
3.       Now move your cursor anywhere over the selected area.
4.       RIGHT CLICK  at this point, you will now see a DROP DOWN MENU, that will give you several choices. You will move your cursor over the word COPY and LEFT CLICK. You have just copied the SELECTED or HIGH LIGHTED area.
5.       Now you want to go to the area where you want to PASTE or move the copy to.
6.       When you get there place your cursor in the exact place where you want to COPY YOUR item or items to.  RIGHT CLICK  and the DROP DOWN MENU appears again.  This time choose PASTE  and voila your info will appear where you want it.
7.       A r eminders, when you copy and paste, the info you copy stays where it is, you do not remove it. If that is part of your plan to have the info removed when you copy and paste it somewhere else, that requires another process.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Posting to StumbleUpon

How To Post to the New StumbleUpon
If you have been using StumbleUpon you may have noticed that it has now changed. It really has become easier to use or let’s say no worse to use than it had been.

  1. Now when you go to StumbleUpon you LEFT CLICK on PROFILE
  2. When you arrive at this page, all the way to the LEFT SIDE of the page, will be you picture or Avatar.
  3. At this point scroll to the bottom of the column
  4. You will be taken to the application for the item you wish to post to StumbleUpon
  5. If you have been doing your posting by using your copied Twitter ad, you will still have that in memory, so start with the description box, and PASTE THE DESCRIPTION (twitter ad) If you are not using your twitter ad, then type in a description There in the bottom box
  6. The other questions are easy and self-explanatory
  7. You will need to COPY THE LINK for your item and PASTE it in the first box on the page, this is where the application gets the item picture from so be careful to get it right
  8.  After you have filled in  everything  you are finished.
  9. In my personal  opinion StumbleUpon is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT of all the Social Networks. It takes your ads and sends them out to about 5 different networks,  giving you all that extra exposure that you did not have to work foryourself. Don’t miss out on such a great advertising opportunity.
  10.  At this point scroll to the bottom of the column.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Posting To Twitter

The steps for posting to twitter are quite similar to posting to the team thread. First pick the item that you want to promote.
1. Once you have picked the item you are going to promote, click on it so that it is featured. At this point the link should be up in the address line
2. LEFT ClICK on the address line to select it (address should be highlighted)
3. When address is highlighted RIGHT CLICK with cursor over address
5. At this point you want to open a new window, the windows you have open are listed at the bottom of the task bar and the top of the window screen.
6. To open a new window without closing any of the other windows that are open Point the cursor into the BOX at the END of the LAST WINDOW AT THE RIGHT END AND LEFT CLICK
7. Go up to the Address bar and type in twitter, (once you have used twitter your computer will save the address and you will only need to type T and a drop down menu will give you an offering of T addresses Twitter among them, if you have a lot of T names in your address book then type in TW get twitter to come up fast,
8. When Twitter comes up on screen it should be on HOME SCREEN if not just CLICK ON HOME
9. You will see the box where you compose your ad
10. We will use one of my items as a sample ad:
#Jewelry #Bracelet #Blue #Cluster SilverFindings #HandmadeByMe #Unique #Original #Affordable #Fashionable
11. This is a typical ad that covers all the important info to insure the person knows what you are selling, the tags should help the ad to be pulled up in a search. I typed in the first set of tags to definitively describe the actual item. Then I RIGHT CLICKED and put the link in. After that until I finished the 140 characters I used tags that are less item descriptive and more generic that I use on all of my products .
12. Once you have finished your ad CLICK ON TWEET and you are finished.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instructions for Using Pinterest

Instructions for Using Pinterest
1.      Type in
2.     At the front page of Pinterest,  across the top it says Pinterest in the center, to the right side look for ADD,  Click on this.
3.     You will go to a Page that says UPLOAD A PIN
4.     Click on Browse
5.     Browse will open your photo file, choose which picture you want to use and click on it
6.     A new window will come up that has your picture, also a box for a description, you may either COPY your twitter ad in the box or if you prefer write out a new description for your item.
7.     When finished you then CLICK on PIN
8.     If you notice to the bottom right corner there is the word Facebook with a box you can check.  If you want you can check this box and have this ad show up on Facebook automatically, the way your Stylepage can be shared on the other nets for you automatically.
9.     When you click on PIN you are finished with Pinterest.

Instructions for Using StylePage

Instructions for Using StylePage
1.      Type in
2.     Across the top is the  menu, click on ADD A PHOTO
3.     When drop down menu appears click on UPLOAD PHOTO
4.     You need to have your photo file opened, minimized
5.     Photo file will open,  go to where the photo you want is located and click on the photo you want to use on stylepage.
6.     A new window will open, the picture you just uploaded will be there
7.     There will also be a window for you either to write a whole new description or copy the same ad you wrote when you were at Twitter. I always copy that ad and use it for everything.
8.     Then you click on what you have, like bracelet, picture, whatever.
9.     You will notice the line at the bottom where it says, Share on Other Social Networks.  If you turn those on then Stylepage will send your ad to those other places. I don’t have to place my ad in Tumblr. But it is always there when I’m finished. So you can click on all or one or two of those and you will automatically have an ad on that social net.
10.                         Click on SAVE and you are finished.