Monday, December 12, 2011

                                                           Copy and Pasting
1.        Move your cursor to the item you want to copy.   If it is a word, or a sentence or entire document, the cursor needs to be place in the top left corner or side of the first items that is being  copied.
2.       Hold down the LEFT CLICK at this point the first word and everything else should start to light up, on my computer it is blue, yours could be different. This is called high lighting or selecting. You need to select everything that you intent to copy. When you have everything selected (or lit up) then make a left click, that locks the SELECT in place.
3.       Now move your cursor anywhere over the selected area.
4.       RIGHT CLICK  at this point, you will now see a DROP DOWN MENU, that will give you several choices. You will move your cursor over the word COPY and LEFT CLICK. You have just copied the SELECTED or HIGH LIGHTED area.
5.       Now you want to go to the area where you want to PASTE or move the copy to.
6.       When you get there place your cursor in the exact place where you want to COPY YOUR item or items to.  RIGHT CLICK  and the DROP DOWN MENU appears again.  This time choose PASTE  and voila your info will appear where you want it.
7.       A r eminders, when you copy and paste, the info you copy stays where it is, you do not remove it. If that is part of your plan to have the info removed when you copy and paste it somewhere else, that requires another process.

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