Thursday, December 8, 2011

Posting to StumbleUpon

How To Post to the New StumbleUpon
If you have been using StumbleUpon you may have noticed that it has now changed. It really has become easier to use or let’s say no worse to use than it had been.

  1. Now when you go to StumbleUpon you LEFT CLICK on PROFILE
  2. When you arrive at this page, all the way to the LEFT SIDE of the page, will be you picture or Avatar.
  3. At this point scroll to the bottom of the column
  4. You will be taken to the application for the item you wish to post to StumbleUpon
  5. If you have been doing your posting by using your copied Twitter ad, you will still have that in memory, so start with the description box, and PASTE THE DESCRIPTION (twitter ad) If you are not using your twitter ad, then type in a description There in the bottom box
  6. The other questions are easy and self-explanatory
  7. You will need to COPY THE LINK for your item and PASTE it in the first box on the page, this is where the application gets the item picture from so be careful to get it right
  8.  After you have filled in  everything  you are finished.
  9. In my personal  opinion StumbleUpon is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT of all the Social Networks. It takes your ads and sends them out to about 5 different networks,  giving you all that extra exposure that you did not have to work foryourself. Don’t miss out on such a great advertising opportunity.
  10.  At this point scroll to the bottom of the column.

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