Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instructions for Using StylePage

Instructions for Using StylePage
1.      Type in
2.     Across the top is the  menu, click on ADD A PHOTO
3.     When drop down menu appears click on UPLOAD PHOTO
4.     You need to have your photo file opened, minimized
5.     Photo file will open,  go to where the photo you want is located and click on the photo you want to use on stylepage.
6.     A new window will open, the picture you just uploaded will be there
7.     There will also be a window for you either to write a whole new description or copy the same ad you wrote when you were at Twitter. I always copy that ad and use it for everything.
8.     Then you click on what you have, like bracelet, picture, whatever.
9.     You will notice the line at the bottom where it says, Share on Other Social Networks.  If you turn those on then Stylepage will send your ad to those other places. I don’t have to place my ad in Tumblr. But it is always there when I’m finished. So you can click on all or one or two of those and you will automatically have an ad on that social net.
10.                         Click on SAVE and you are finished.  

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