Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Instructions for Using Pinterest

Instructions for Using Pinterest
1.      Type in
2.     At the front page of Pinterest,  across the top it says Pinterest in the center, to the right side look for ADD,  Click on this.
3.     You will go to a Page that says UPLOAD A PIN
4.     Click on Browse
5.     Browse will open your photo file, choose which picture you want to use and click on it
6.     A new window will come up that has your picture, also a box for a description, you may either COPY your twitter ad in the box or if you prefer write out a new description for your item.
7.     When finished you then CLICK on PIN
8.     If you notice to the bottom right corner there is the word Facebook with a box you can check.  If you want you can check this box and have this ad show up on Facebook automatically, the way your Stylepage can be shared on the other nets for you automatically.
9.     When you click on PIN you are finished with Pinterest.

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