Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winner of January’s Themed Treasury

Treasuries, when made with thought and an artist’s eye, are a beautiful thing and a powerful sales tool. Some may be overwhelmed with the task but not our Meredith of Patchworkcrafters.. She’s cranking out winning treasuries one after another. To say she has a knack for it is like saying DaVinci is pretty good with the brush. Meredith opened her shop in April of 2009, she heard about Etsy from her daughter Kim, who first had a shop with Etsy. Meredith had been the office manager at a children’s dental practice, where she said she witnessed many mothers and grandmothers bring their children in for appointments. To busy themselves as they waited for the kids they knitted and crocheted carrying their projects in garbage bags and pillowcases, She thought to herself what a terrible way to handle future heirlooms in the making. From there her business was born, beautifully quilted tote bags for the projects. If you haven’t visited Meredith’s shop yet you must. You’ll find page after page of these quilted gems. Almost too pretty to use, every color scheme imaginable and size. It’ll be hard to choose a favorite. Meredith discovered treasuries when she first found her totes being used in other’s treasuries and became intrigued with the treasure hunting that is inherent in making treasuries. Soon she was making her own treasuries and in her words, fell in love with the creative expression treasuries allow. A few hints from Meredith on making treasuries, start with a theme, such as a color, or an inspiration item. Once you get a basic idea in mind you can start your treasure hunt through the unbelievable Etsy collage of handmade collectibles . Meredith has been a valued member of the Golden Rose Crafters team since the teams inception. We all enjoy and look forward to her encouraging comments on the threads. A few thoughts Meredith expressed in her interview, she wishes more people would participate in the discussions so that we can all get to know one another and one last thought. You don’t have to be in a treasury to leave a comment. If you look at a treasury Leave a Comment! Congratulations Meredith for creating the winning treasury! Link to the Treasury: