Sunday, April 29, 2012

WELCOME WAGON as told by Meredith from Patchworkcrafters

This has been a great month for The Golden Rose Crafters as we welcomed several new members to join our growing team!

Joann from Fancy Schmany Jewels has a rich background in crafting that started in grammar school. She sews, tole paints, does ceramics, makes dolls and is now involved in her current making. Visiting her shop is a treat as you're surrounded by beautiful, unique pieces of jewelry. Joann resides in Florida and New Jersey. So glad she's joined us!

 Senem from Seno is our next new member. Senem lives in Turkey and her shop is a collaboration of talent with her aunt and sister...a true family affair. These gifted women make beautiful crocheted, knit and sewn accessories. Strolling through Seno you will find lovely bags and purses, scarves, headbands, ponchos, and other must-haves to add to your wardrobe. Another great addition to our team!

Jenny from JenEmbroidery is a hand embroidery artist. She transforms ordinary clothing pieces into beautiful works of art. She particularly seeks out vintage and linen pieces to re-invent with her lovely embroidery. The results are wonderful as a visit to her shop will confirm. Jenny lives in Wisconsin and is a welcome addition to our team!

Phyllis from StudioPMR creates out of the ordinary jewelry art and is another welcome addition to The Golden Rose Crafters. Phyllis is inspired by nature, recycling, and a different way of looking at the ordinary. She also has a fondness for steampunk pieces as part of her repetoire. Phyllis lives in Alabama where she creates her wonderful pieces. We're so glad she's joined us!

Stef from Pink Cupcake's Jewel Crafting is another of our newest members. Stef creates unique, handcrafted jewelry. Her lovely pieces include anklets, bracelets, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, rings, and stitch markers. A visit to her shop is a wonderful shopping experience with all of her unique pieces. Stef resides in Ohio and is a welcome addition to our growing team!

Deanna from Deannaroserichardson is our newest Golden Rose Crafters member. Deanna creates crocheted pieces, quilts and purses. Her pieces are lovely and definitely great gift-giving possibilites for any occasions that you have coming up in the future. Deanna lives and creates her treasures in Florida. We're so glad she's joined us!
Purse,  reversible from Deanna
Beautiful Chenille Quilt from Deanna

Fully Lined Quilted Tote Bag at Patchworkcrafters
Tall Quilted Tote
Tulip Tote Bag

                                                  What you can see at Patchworkcrafters......


  1. Welcome to all our new members! We're so glad to have you as part of our team.

  2. Welcome to all our very talented new members!!