Friday, November 2, 2012


Written by Marilyn Rush

If you are one of our team members who likes to make treasuries,  and you do them each month, yet yours has never been picked as a winner, perhaps you would be interested in knowing how we judge your treasuries. It really has a lot to do with seeing to details. Let’s start from the top of the treasury and work our way down.
At the top right hand side of the treasury you will find the facts about: Views, Clicks, Admirers.  I have a form that I fill out and these numbers are the first that I record. When tallying the points these each count for one point.
I would like to remind everyone here that the treasury exists as a powerful advertising tool. Sixteen people benefit from it. The curator will benefit because these shops in the treasury will reciprocate and use her items in their treasuries. The treasuries are meant to be beautiful and a pleasure to look at therefore drawing a crowd to look at it. So you don’t create the treasury and let it sit still with no one looking at it. You promote it. When you are finished you promote it again and again. I actually found one treasury that I had to judge and it had 0 views and 16 clicks, so the curator at least clicked on each item. That one should actually have had points deducted.
The next thing that we look at is how well the curator has interpreted their theme, the title of their treasury. We look at it and ask ourselves if it answers why they gave it the title they did. Can you look at it and understand why they chose that title. Does it live up to the title or theme? You should be able to look at it and see why they gave it that name. (Earns 4 to 10 pts )
This is where the most points can be earned. There are three sections that are the points winners. This is how it works.
Good = nice, but not really moved by it (4 pts)
Very Good = somewhat moved by it but can’t go so far as excellent (6pts)
Excellent = can’t find anything wrong with it to your thinking, love  it but won’t go so far as Perfect (8pts)
Perfect = this is as high as you can go, this is a treasury you want to win (10pts)
After the Theme Interpretation, comes the Color Theme.  The color theme is the color scheme they chose. Can you see an actual color scheme or are the colors just out there with no viable color plan. (Earns 4 to 10 pts )
At this point we check the Tags, has the curator used all 18, if so it is worth 1 point. If you use the team tag GRC Team, or Elite Alternative then that is worth 1 pt.
Last but not least is the Overall category. Here is where we judges have some room to express ourselves. We look at the overall appearance and feel of the treasury and judge the treasury as a whole. (4 to 10pts)
The points are tallied, and the winner is picked. You can see that the treasury itself earns the most points, however, those other one point items are tie breakers besides being important.


  1. Thank you for sharing how you evaluate our submissions.

  2. Marilyn you share some valuable tips that make sense. I agree that a treasury is meant to promote and express a cohesive theme. It is a collection of "treasure" finds, not a collection of scattered thoughts.
    I don't know about anyone else but I sometimes have a hard time picking just one item from a shop that has many beautiful items that would fit in my initial theme idea, but it is a "challenge" and in that affect each choice I made defined my next pick.
    I was lucky enough to win with my first team treasury challenge entry this last month with Chilly Holi-Days for "most dramatic". Who am I kidding? hehe, I tied! but it's still a win right, right?.
    But seriously thanks for helping me understand why, what I did right, and the degree of expressive impact everyone's items evoked.

  3. Great tips to create treasury. Thanks for taking time to explain these.