Monday, June 3, 2013

Marking a Treasury The New Way

written by Marilyn Rush

One thing we can always count on is that Etsy will always be improving things.  Recently they have made a change that should have all of us treasury makers shouting thank you.

We can now add an item that we find in a shop, directly to our treasury.  This is a great improvement. Although the old ways of doing things weren't all that bad they took a little longer and required a few more steps.  Let's take a look at how quickly and easily we can now make a treasury with recent improvements.


  1. Think about your theme and color scheme. Will you be using only team shops or will you be doing a General treasury which means that you will be using any shop on Etsy.  When you've made these decisions then you are ready to go to your first shop.  For this example we will use only team shops.  So let's go to the Members page of our team.  Click on MEMBERS, it is on the left hand upper portion of the front team page.
  2. Look through the shop and choose the item you want to use in your treasury.  This will be your first and only item that you will enter into your treasury this way.  Click on the item so that it opens. Go up to the address line and LEFT CLICK on the link.  When it has been selected then RIGHT CLICK ON IT AGAIN when the DROP DOWN MENU appears click on COPY.  You are now ready to go and begin to create your treasury.
  3. To go there, there are different ways to arrive but my favorite way is to click on the big ETSY sign at the top left hand side of the Etsy Shop Page.  When you arrive at the page it takes you to, then scroll down towards the bottom,  there is a list of things on the left hand side of the page.  On the very last section you will find a box that talks about MORE WAYS TO SHOP look for  TREASURY and click on that.
  4. You will now arrive at the page where you can look at treasuries others have made, you can look at those you've made before,  or you can create a new one.  On the right hand side of the page at the top you will find a place where it says CURATOR TOOLS under that YOUR TREASURY LISTS.  Click on CREATE A LIST you will now have an empty treasury screen before you.
  5. Remember that you have copied the link of the item for your treasury.  go ahead and PASTE the link into the first position.  Put a name of some sort into the space on the treasury where the title should go,  at this point it doesn't matter, you can change it later.  Then scroll down to the bottom and click on SAVE. 
  6. Now you are ready to create your treasury, from the ADD ITEM TO TREASURY feature, to work you have saved into the empty treasury.  after you have come this far it is a walk in the park.
  7. You now go back to the MEMBERS PAGE by clicking on the back arrow,  look for it in the DROP DOWN MENU and from there choose the next shop to visit.  go to that shop and search for an item you would like to use in your treasury,  if you find something, click on the item so that it opens.  When it does open you will need to scroll down a little.  Look on the right side under the CONTACT button you will see several options, the one on the bottom says ADD ITEM TO TREASURY click on it.  Another screen will open up,  and there will be another box,  you will be asked again if you want to add the item to the treasury, say yes, and it will be added.
  8. One thing I want to mention here is that in this box it counts how many items you have added. But it does not count the item that you entered manually. So when it says 15 it is finished because it really is 16.  Always remember,  it is one more than the box says.
  9. Now you are ready to add another item.  Go up to the back arrow,  click on it and repeat the process until you have completed your treasury, filling 16 spaces. You may also click on the phrase SEE YOUR TREASURY  on the ADD ITEM box and see your treasury, to check it's progress.
  10. You now need to do your tags, you get 18,  use them all.  The best thing to do is name each item in your treasury and then use the 2 remaining for your team tags, but never leave off the tag of the team you are doing the treasury for. If you are doing this treasury for Elite Alternative Promotions Team (EAP) or Golden Rose Crafters Team (GRC) then you know that we judge the treasuries and if you do not use all your tags, and do not use the team tag you lose points.
  11. You can name your treasury what you want to, but remember to keep it Family Friendly.
  12. The Description box is where you can tell whatever you need to say about your treasury or what you would like to say about it.
  13. I hope this has clarified how to use the new Etsy tool for everyone.


  1. Great info, Marilyn! Thank you :)

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  3. excellent information - thanks Marilyn!