Sunday, September 2, 2012


A BNR is a Buy and Replace.

The curator for the BNR will choose 15 shops to include - one spot is usually reserved for the curator. They'll create the treasury and then let the featured shops know so that they can visit, click, comment and promote the round.

There is usually a buy in minimum - this means that a shop must purchase the minimum amount in order to qualify for the next round. These are usually after coupons and before shipping, however any combination will work. For example, if a BNR has a minimum $3 buy in after coupon code before shipping this means a shop must purchase an item from a featured shop (one of the 16) that is at least $3 after using a coupon code, if available.

sometimes a BNR is a high roller BNR and buy in minimums are more ($10-$15).

Every time a shop has a sale it is replaced with the shop that purchased the item. So if I were featured in a BNR and you bought from my shop (does not have to be the item listed in the treasury), you would take my spot in the BNR and one of your items would replace my item.

When you want to buy from a shop you shout out the shop you would like for example LUNADESIGNS101 in all capitols so the curator can see you. Then they will give you the ok to shop (provided someone else isn't already shopping that shop) then you can go off and make your purchase.

Once that's done you go into your purchases, click on the item you just bought and then you copy and paste the weblink into the comments on the BNR along with how much (usually before shipping) it cost. The curator will then swap your shop in and just like that you're on the board! 
A BNS is a Buy and Stay and is done in rounds, usually with the amount you spend effecting the amount of rounds you will get on the board. For example spend anywhere between $5 (the minimum) and $8 you get 2 rounds, $9 to $12 = 3 round and so on. 

In a BNS when you buy in you don't immediately go up on the board. This is the big difference. The Treasury stays the same for that whole round and instead you buying in fills up a slot for the next round. When all the slots are full the next round will begin.

These can be quite good for long term exposure as you are up there for a whole round with the potential of multiple purchases from different people. 

You also do not have to call out for a BNS like in a BNR instead all you do if go ahead and buy and then post the transaction link and amount spent just like you would in a BNR and tell the curator who from. You'll then get added to the list.

This is why it's a good way to get noticed and seen by other shops and also a chance to get sales. 

I hope this helps those of you who don't fully get a BNR/BNS =) If there are any questions feel free to post them here or pop by to one of the teams BNR and experience it first hand =)

(I am not certain of the authorship of this article. I just copied it from a thread from a team that I am in. It is NOT something that I wrote.)


  1. Thanks so much for this great explanation, Marilyn. I never have understood how these work!

  2. I hope this information will help more of you to take the leap and get involved in these, they are so much fun, and increase your sales.