Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I live with my aunt in Adelaide and I think I am really lucky to stay with her. My aunt take good care of me, she has two sons and she treats me as her daughter now. Sometimes I would accidentally called her ‘mom’. Food is not a problem as my aunt can cook Chinese food. She can also cook Vietnam food and others. I adopt different cuisines in time and improve myself to try different things I never have before. As my cousins both native speaking of English, I started to communicate with them in English to improve myself more. I start to build relationship with my aunt’s family. As the time past, I realise I learnt a lot at school in Australia. At the same time I also make myself to become more independent and strong. Although I only visit back to my hometown once a year, I still miss my family and I didn’t feel any less about loving them. The time I spend in Australia made me even love my family more because they are the one who supporting me to study in Australia. On the other side, I also love my aunt’s family, because they already become a part of my life. I don’t feel afraid anymore, as I know there always people out there to help me when I need. I am glad to study in South Australia because I gain more than I expect.


                                              Here are some of Chun's lovely creations straight out of her shop.


  1. It's so nice to get to know you better, Chun! So glad you've joined our team :)

  2. Love hearing your experiences, for those of us living the mundane life of vacationing at places like Disneyland, or maybe more exciting Hawaii, hearing of your travels is exciting.